Denise D'Ascenzo WFSB holding one of my "Girls from Behind" paintings during the 2018 Channel 3 Kids Camp W.R.A.P. luncheon.

Channel 3 Kids Camp

W.R.A.P. Luncheon

New Home & Bath products!

"Elephant Dreams"
Shower Curtains, Tiles, Painting reproductions on Wood Panels & More! Visit my Etsy shop!

Kamala (The Lotus)
12 x 36

In Her Own World
5 x 7

Princess Bride
18 x 48

12 x 36

Facebook Live - Interview
Greater Norwich Area Chamber of Commerce
Interviewed by Angela Adams, Director of the Norwich Chamber of Commerce about my art and my HR consulting business!
New additions to the "Girls from Behind" Collection
Artist, L.M.Sanders has been painting for over 17 years and sold over 1000 paintings worldwide! Many collectors own several paintings from this CT artist.  She is known for her "Girls from Behind" collection and has sold hundreds of them over the years!
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